Anyone who has participated in sports as an athlete or a spectator has vivid emotional memories of moments that cemented their passion for sports. These moments are woven into the fabric of our collective history and provide a tremendous bond across cultures and socio-economic divides. From generating economic impact and fostering national pride, to improving the health and well-being of children and young adults, sport is unmatched in its ability to affect positive change. No one understands this better than General Sports and Entertainment (GSE). We were founded on the belief that nothing can match sports’ power to bring people together.


General Sports was established with the very purpose of developing a sports and entertainment firm that would ultimately pursue the acquisition and management of Major League professional sports franchises. Since then, GSE has grown by leaps and bounds over its 15-year existence, developing a strong consulting practice and a premier sponsorship and naming rights division. 


GSE delivers measurable results for its clients while at the same time creates organizations and events that are a highly visible caring member of the community. In addition to deploying a skilled management team to run the day-to-day operations of an organization or event, GSE is well versed in building sports management and marketing programs that maximize revenue streams for both the team and the sponsor.